P.H.I.S.H. shows how to feel joy in your life everyday. It doesn’t matter what has happened that has led up to today, it works for everyone. By putting these steps into practice, they will become a part of your life so you will view the world, others and yourself in a different, more positive, powerful light. Many of these steps are ideas that are not new but the combination of them used daily will change your life. Padgurskis found 20 mini-steps that also helped in the process. This book will allow you to look back on your life, the people you have met and the events that have taken place to bring you to this moment in time. 

P.H.I.S.H. allows the reader to ponder the following:
Are you grateful for the good things?
Are you upset with yourself and others?
Do you hold positive thoughts throughout the day?
Is there really a guardian angel guiding and protecting us at all times?
Take a journey and see how your life can be different. 

Linda Padgurskis Bio
Linda Padgurskis spent 18 years in the IT industry working as a computer programmer in mostly financial institutions. After receiving her MBA from Dominican University in River Forest, IL her desire to help people and make a difference became a priority and she switched careers and became a Financial Advisor. She loved doing seminars and educating others and assisted in helping many clients reach their goals via investments for retirement and protecting them via Life Insurance, Disability and Long Term Care Insurance. In Feb 2008, she began taking classes to learn Hawaiian energy healing. In May, 2010 she received the highest ARCH level training certification available (4th level) and is a Certified Kahuna Oneness ARCH Healing Expert. Today, she gives ARCH® treatments that affects all body, mind, emotional and spiritual levels and heals subconscious issues as well as the problems you are aware of.  She also hosts inspirational workshops at various locations in the Midwest. 

She hosted her own weekly, one hour call in radio show from April, 2004 until Nov 2009 on the great hometown station 1530 AM out of Berkeley, IL. Her show called The Linda P. Show had a different guest and topic each week. She discussed anything from Acupuncture to Wineries and everything in between. She also co-hosted the Great Recovery radio show on Mondays 10AM-noon. 

Her first book was published in the Fall 2008. It is a spiritual and motivational book called P.H.I.S.H. which stands for her intentions everyday-Prosperity, Harmony, Inner Peace, Safety and Health and explains the 10 steps of feeling joy at all times. Her life made a dramatic turn about 6 years ago. She began questioning what her life purpose was, why she was here and what it was that she was supposed to do. 

Divine timing is everything so it wasn’t until the autumn of 2004 that she began her journey by seeking out the information that would help her. She changed religions. She realized she was a spiritual being in a physical body and everyone does indeed have a divine purpose in their life. She needed to find out what it was. She discovered how our guardian angels are here to help us; all we have to do is ask them. In June, 2007, her minister, Rev. Russ Sorensen asked her to speak to the members of the church that she had joined about 3 years ago because he would be out of town that particular Sunday. She thought about all the ways her life, attitude and experiences had become more positive and she wrote down the steps that changed her life. This became her talk that one Sunday morning. It was well received and began telling others about it. She was living, thinking and feeling so differently that in October, 2007 knew that the world needed to know what the steps were that she had been following. Knowing there would be more to the story, she was asked in December, 2007 to speak at a school just north of downtown Chicago. They wanted to have her speak about her IT and Financial Services background, the MBA she received and the radio talk show she hosted but Linda knew they needed to hear the words that would help them in their day to feel better and to see themselves and the world differently. She thought about all the other rituals she had been following so 20 mini-steps were noted. Linda had never read the Bible before changing religions and began to learn Bible verses and saw just how much God loves us, wants each of us to be happy, successful, feel abundance, joy and be forgiving to ourselves and others. 

It is now her goal to change the lives of others by showing how it is possible to feel joy everyday of your life. 

She has been happily married to Mark for 33 years, has two children, a son, Aaron, 32, a daughter, Amy, 28, a beautiful grandson named Isaiah and a lovely grandaughter named Ivy. Her website is 

Book Title:Prosperity Harmony Inner Peace Safety Health (P.H.I.S.H)
P.H.I.S.H. is a self help book where Padgurskis shares her personal experiences which are spiritual and practical in nature.  P.H.I.S.H. can easily be misunderstood as a religious book, but it’s moreover a sharing of spiritual guidance and principles that she has tapped into for a more prosperous life. Much like The Secret, Padgurskis is offering a coaching session to the reader where she causes the reader to look at their present methods of thinking and living. Through references of Scriptures, universal laws of spiritual realities, Padgurskis offers a way to change to a more positive outlook and the benefits of positive living.