Linda Padgurskis is a Certified Kahuna Oneness ARCH® Healing Expert. This is the highest level (4th) of ARCH attainable.

Client lays fully clothed on their back on a massage table. Fee is $60. She will discuss with you afterward what messages she received and what you both felt during the healing. Please call up Linda at 312-209-8534 to schedule an appointment today so that you can experience this powerful healing modality. 

Linda also does at a distance healings. These are just as powerful. The price is the same and she will get the same information as if she were with the client. Also, the client will also still feel something even though it is not a hands on healing. Seeing colors, guides or feeling vibrations is the comment Linda hears the most often. All that is required is that the client is relaxed, so this is usually done after 9PM. These healings also take about the same amount of time-an hour. Linda can e-mail all of the information that is received.   

What is ARCH®?
ARCH® is a Hawaiian spiritual healing technique that helps restore a state of Oneness with the Universe. ARCH® affects all body, mind, emotional and spiritual levels, and heals subconscious issues as well as the problems you are aware of. They can help you heal just about anything, as long as you are ready to let it go and allow the healing to occur.

This energetic Hawaiian technique was brought back to Earth by Kahuna Ho’okahi , Laurie Grant. She is the Kahuna of Oneness and ARCH® Founder.  My treatments help you explore the deeper reasons why your dis-ease is not healing. You will make a conscious choice to heal, give up any drama and benefits associated with your state of dis-ease, and allow the healing to occur.

This powerful, vibrational Hawaiian healing treatment help clear emotional and mental issues, heal past lives and assist physical healing. It is recommended for addictions, fears, negative mind-sets and attitudes. They can also heal the spirit and allow you to feel a clearer connection with the Divine Source. 

 Linda practices Hawaiian ARCH energy treatments at the following places:

Insight Awareness-Homewood
Blooming Lotus   6842 W Archer Ave Chicago, IL 60638 773-229-8596